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Web-Based Automated Dental CAD

One-click crown design for chairside solutions
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The Future is Digital

Bring Digital Dentistry in your clinic,
Meet the new standard for Digital Dentistry
It is 3Dme, experience the new horizon of Digital treatment

  • Auto Prep Detection
  • Auto Margin Line Detection
  • AI Design Suggestion
Auto Prep Detection

Digital dental work is ready in seconds with few clicks

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Easy to use
Easy to use

3Dme solutions offer an intuitive UI optimized especially for chairside dentists. Together with powerful AI and CAD technology, it’s an easy experience from start to finish.

Time saving
Time saving

Automation is key in digital dentistry — that’s why we help you say goodbye to endless clicking in dental CAD programs, and hello to one single click with 3Dme

Maximizes profit
Maximizes profit

The speed and ease of our solutions help reduce work hours, minimizing costs, increasing productivity, and maximizing revenue.

Easily accessible
Easily accessible

Access 3Dme solutions anytime, anywhere, with just an internet connection. All you need is a PC, laptop, or mobile device to get to work.

Trusted by leaders of 3Dme solutions

3Dme Crown

One-click crown design

Streamline the crown design workflow with AI technology.

  • AI-based crown design suggestion system
  • Fast and intuitive process
  • No installation required with web-based CAD
One-click crown design
3Dme Cloud

Digitalized case management

Keep track of your cases and uses incredibly accurate alignment technology.

  • Cloud-based case management
  • Intuitive, user-friendly UX
  • No work necessary with AI-based scan data alignment
Digitalized case management
3Dme Cloud

Anytime, anywhere access

Access your digital dental data in the cloud and use it anytime, on any device.

  • Convenient patient data sharing
  • Integrated simple order flow, production, and payment
  • Intuitive interface
Anytime, anywhere access
3Dme Studio

AI-based multi-modality data alignment

  • Automated alignment
  • CT data processing
  • 3D mesh comparison
  • Boolean operations
AI-based multi-modality data alignment

Make the future of digital medicine
for everyone

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